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Welcome to Explosive Mobile Wash and Detailing. The mobile car wash detailing people that come to you and provide the best car wash/detailing in the Brooklyn NY area at your doorstep. We provide our mobile car detailing and interior detailing in Prospect Park, Forth Greene, and Flatbush neighborhoods just to name a few. We provide the best mobile car washing for all makes and model automobiles in nyc. Our experience and mobile detailing expertise is unmatched in the Brooklyn area and we are committed to providing the best mobile car washing service at affordable prices. Our prices are very competitively priced in comparsion to Polish Clean Mobile Wash. Give us a call and try out our mobile car detailing service in Brooklyn NY.

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We provide the best mobile car detailing services in Brooklyn NY
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5 Reasons to Get Your Car Cleaned Often
When it comes to car cleanliness, it seems like there are only two kinds of people: the guys who spend every weekend car detailing every part, and the guys who don't do anything with their car, not even run it through the mobile car wash once in a while.
The key to maintaining your car is to strike a balance. While you don't need to spend every minute detailing your vehicle, you do want to wash it frequently to make it shine,For some people keeping the car, clean isn't a priority, and if you're one of these people, you should reconsider and make it one of your weekly tasks. Here are five reasons you need to wash your car regularly.It Stays Looking New
Everyone likes to look at a new car because it smells nice and it's bright and shiny. However, if you want your vehicle to remain looking good, you can do it by taking care of the car and giving it a regular wash. A good car wash is not a time-consuming task. All you have to do is wash, vacuum, and go. You can get it all done quickly by driving it through a mobile car wash once in a while.
Dirt Damages the Car
Dirt, dust, and debris that remains on your car can scratch it and leave the paint looking dull and uncared-for. Scratches can also turn into cracks and holes that can rust and cause the color to lift off the car.
Improve Driving Performance
When your car is so dirty you can't see out the windshield, you put your life at risk, and you could have an accident. A dirty windshield minimizes your visibility and prevents you from seeing possible dangers ahead or behind. For this reason alone, you should run your car through the car wash at least once a week.
It Improves Fuel Efficiency
Yes, Dirt can make your car less fuel-efficient. Dirt particles create an interference with the aerodynamics of the vehicle and create a drag. Your car wasn't designed for this, so it causes it to burn more fuel. Experts say that a clean vehicle offers about 10 to 15% more fuel efficiency.
Cleaner Cars Prevent Germs and Bacteria from Spreading
Now that we see how germs and bacteria can spread, we make it a priority to clean our hands, our money, our wallets, and our purses. We may even make it a big priority to clean up the house, wipe the kitchen cabinets down, and keep everything clean. But do you do this for your car? A dirty car is a great way to spread germs because you go from place to place in your car and touch so many things. This brings germs into your car, which can make you sick. However, you can prevent this so easily simply by doing a little car detailing every week.
As you can see, washing your car is just as important as many of the other routine tasks you do around the house. So add car washing to your to-do list and prevent issues that could come up from having a dirty car.
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How to Wash your Car in Brooklyn NYC?Washing Your Car Made Easy
Car owners may prefer to keep up that "new car look" by personally tending to clean their vehicles. However, be mindful that the task may seem simple but can quickly get complicated. For instance, a self car wash is a different experience from taking the vehicle through an automated car wash. Doing a spit shine at home will not work! Luckily, car owners can get steps to washing their cars right here. Here goes:
Step 1: The first step when washing the car is to rinse away any dirt on the exterior. Pay attention to cracks and crevices where some debris may be attached. Car owners need to know that they will need at least two buckets of water-one with soap and the other without soap. Car detailing at home takes time and is very specific. The bigger the ride, the more time needed.Tip: Household cleaning agents are not a good useHand soap, glass cleaner, and other dishwashing detergents destroy the paint on vehicles. These chemicals may even remove the protective wax used on a car.Step 2: Pay close attention to the car wheels as they have the most debris. To easily wash away excess build-up on a car, car owners should get a high-pressure water hose nozzle. The undercarriage needs special attention when doing self car wash!Tip: Use a dedicated car wash productStick to a dedicated product for washing the car. As previously discussed, household detergents are likely to cause damage. Car-wash products are mild and suitable for the vehicle.Step 3: Wash the car in segments. A safe way to start is by cleaning the roof of the vehicle first. Use a nice, soft cleaning cloth for washing a car. Refrain from allowing the soapy water to settle on any one area of the automobile for too long. Rinse away the soapy water as soon as possible to prevent soapy residue from staying on the car too long.Tip: Use a separate cleaning sponge for the car wheelsThe wheels of a car carry most of the dirt, road tar, brake dust, and other debris. They require a more potent cleaning agent to get rid of the build-up. Most of all, if the same sponge is used to clean the wheels and the car's body, what can happen is a transfer of grease and grime. In addition, the sponge gets black quickly.Step 4: After washing the car, rinse well and then dry. A dry and nonabrasive cloth works well for this step. A household hand towel may scratch the vehicle, so it is best to stay away from the rough towels.Tip: Stay away from tire dressing productsMarketing teams advertise tire dressing products as adding a layer of shine to tires and protecting them from harmful sun rays. However, tires already have built-in products that protect them from environmental factors. In addition, the gloss they offer- temporary. So what car owners can do is wax their vehicles occasionally. Waxing helps to preserve shine and protect from the harmful UV rays of the sun.In general, car owners should remember these valuable tips when doing any form of car detailing or call Explosive Mobile Detailing at 929.203.3604 to schedule a detail cleaning.:1. If the car is hot, do not wash- the soapy water will dry quickly and increase the chances of streaking.2. Do not sponge in circles- circular motions create swirl marks. Long strokes are preferred.3. Do not air dry- air drying after a wash may probably leave streaks.
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